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Financing Innovative Hydrogen Technology 

We finance early to mid-stage technology

We finance techology that is TRL2 to 4 technology until it is ready for commercialisation at TRL 8 or 9.
If you have any technology that is in the following 7 areas, we will be interested in financing you. We bring expertise in designing, financing and executing demonstration projects. We also bring in Series A financing once the technology is ready for commercialisation.
Our standard ticket size is 2M USD, though we can finance from 0.5 to 10M ticket sizes

Image by Federico Beccari

Electricity- microgrids and behind the meter

Ammonia can be up to 10X cheaper than diesel power with a very similar supply chain and Co2 free

Image by Matthew T Rader

Vehicle transport

Ammonia will be one of the potential solutions for heavy vehicle transport. Light cars are well served by batteries but heavy vehicles and trains are best served by ammonia. Its safe, easy to store, well known and has a high energy content

Water Tanks

Battery storage

The potential to both load shift and be a seasonal storage on par with pump hydro

Image by Eduardo Velazco Guart


A new fuel source


Green fertilizer

Green ammonia wont be price competitive until 2028 or later but where customers are able to absorb the slight price increase for carbon free fertilizer, there is a huge potential market

Image by Chris Pagan


Green ammonia is seen as the main mechanism to reach the Paris Treaty targets for Shipping by 2050.
There have been numerous assessments such as Shell and Deloittes recent Shipping report, that see Ammonia as the future

Stainless Steel

Steel production

Using green hydrogen or ammonia to replace coking coal, this will be a major consumer in the future

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