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New Energy Technology

The only diversified green hydrogen business run by a global team of green fuels experts.


Building the net-zero hydrogen economy requires new technologies, new business models, and new projects.

We invest in important tech, commercialise promising ventures, and originate infrastructure projects.

All to get to NET Zero faster, together.

What we know...

Green hydrogen fuels will be central in the new energy landscape. New tech companies need capital and help getting to market at scale. New ventures need help figuring our their role in the emerging green fuels landscape. And new projects need help to get started from nothing.

Investors want access to this high growth market, but incumbents don't give multiples or provide direct exposure. Picking winners in a disrupted market full of emerging technology is complex. Plus, much of the new tech is spread around Europe, Asia and the USA, and isn't listed. Projects will only get up if they are embedded in end-to-end supply chain consortium deals where risk and expertise are shared within joint visions. 

What you need is to entrust your capital to a team of experts in energy, technology, hydrogen, commercialisation, IP, infrastructure, and finance. A team that will be able to navigate the emerging investment landscape, able to manoeuvre with agility to seize new opportunities. Just as importantly, you want a team that will help each technology business it invests in to navigate the emerging landscape, and each project it originates to progress through uncertainty into a valuable asset with the right partners.

You need New Energy Technology (NET) to give you intelligent, diversified exposure to this high growth green fuels market, so we can reach NET zero faster, together.


Rowan Logie

Director of Investments & Commercialisation

The Growth Group: Founder & MD
PowerMinder: Founder
Orange Energy: Co-Founder
Swytch: Advisor & early investor
Matter: Co-Founder
PhD cand., MA, BA

Founded 12 ventures

Advised 70 on growth and scaling

Led complex energy technology product development

Originated and developed large scale renewables

Greg Stace

Director of Technology, Commercials & People

Earthed: Founder & CEO
Enernet Global: COO
Avensol: Founder
UBS Investment Bank: Client Dev. Man.
Deloitte Consulting: Analyst
BEng, GradDip Finance, BA

Founded and built up Switzerlands’s 2nd largest solar installer

Founded a large scale solar developer

Advised energy giants on decarbonisation strategy

Launched and grew a leading global microgrid business


Côme Gerome

Head of Engineering

Earthed: CTO
Enernet Global: Head Engineer
Avensol: Technical Director
Founder AcquaSula
Renewable systems Engineer
MSc, Msolar, Bsc

Xavi Tauler

Head of Projects & Financials

Envolta Energia: Co-Founder
Earthed: Project Developer
Sunergic SA: Technical Director
Accenture: Business Analyst
MBA, Master in Renewable Energy, BSc

Andrew Leibovitch head.jpg

Andrew Leibovitch

Energy; M&A

Chartered Accountant
Western Gas: Founder & Exec Dir
Goshawk Energy: Founder
Former: Woodside: GM of Browse LNG Project

Veteran of unconventional large energy infrastructure

Glynn Ellis


Thales New Energy : Founder & MD
H2X Energy (Malaysia): Founder & CEO
Former: Shell International : New Energies Strategic Advisor and Manager Business Development; Shell Australia New Energies; 20yrs in New Business & Exploration

Two decades in new energy technologies and projects working from global major and with leadership in the transition to low carbon energy investments

Glynn Ellis head.png
Stephanie Moroz.jpeg

Stephanie Moroz

Hydrogen Tech Expert

CEC Hydrogen Directorate: Chair
EDL: Innovation Manager
Australian Institute of Energy: Director
Science Ind. Adv. Comm: Chairperson
Nano-Nouvelle: CEO
Ballard Power: Product Dev Lead

One of the world’s few hydrogen technology experts, over a decade of experience in product development

Jonathan Lawe-Davies

IP Law/Counsel

Corrs Chambers Wesgarth: Special Counsel

FBR Ltd: Chief IP Counsel/General Counsel

Clarion IP: Director

Nearmap: General Counsel

Amazon: Corporate Counsel

MLaws(LLM) in IP, BLaws (LLB). BSc

Two decades of experience in IP development and assertion for innovative technology companies, and a chemistry degree

Jonathon Lawe Davies landscape.jpg

We believe

We analyse the emerging green fuel value chain and identify 'choke points' that are going to require new technologies to get flowing. 

We find the most promising emerging tech companies around the world that can unblock these choke points and we make friends with them.

We invest capital and we like to roll up our sleeves to help commercialise the technology into energy markets at scale.

We support other people's green fuel ventures by consulting to them on business models, product-market-fit, go-to-market, strategy, people, and partners.

We kick off green fuel projects out of nothing, working with locals and majors to progress them into investment-ready infrastructure developments.

We bring together the critical technologies, the projects, the partners, and the capital - to bring the green fuel economy to scale faster, together. 


"Now is the time to scale up technologies and bring down costs to allow hydrogen to become widely used."

International Energy Agency, 2019


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Perth, Australia & Lausanne, Switzerland

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