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Our Portfolio

Each of these technology ventures has the potential to accelerate the green fuel value chain through their game-changing innovations

Starfire Energy

Starfire Logo_edited.jpg

Colorado, USA

Starfire Energy is a world-leading green ammonia production technology venture, backed by global majors.

Supercritical Solutions

Supercritical Logo_edited.jpg

United Kingdom

Supercritical is a highly innovative electrolyser company with the world’s only carbon-free, very high temperature (‘supercritical’ temperature) electrolyser.  This technology efficiently delivers hydrogen at high pressure - as needed by industrial customers.

Jolt Solutions

JOLT-DIS-_logo-blanco-05 (1).png

Tarragona, Spain

JOLT’s technology is a competitive coating treatment that can be applied to electrode supports in electrolysers & fuel cells.

Naco Technologies


Riga, Latvia

Naco is a company that creates specialised nano-coatings and new materials for hydrogen production. It replaces the need for platinum and other materials in the production and usage of hydrogen at a massive scale.

Portfolio: Projects

Watch a video taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing founders of some of NET’s portfolio companies and find out why their work is so important to all of us (4mins)

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