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Meet our portfolio of game-changing, cost-cutting technology ventures.

From product-market-fit to commercial global scaling, we invest in 

technologies that disruptively impact the green fuel landscape.


Starfire Energy

Colorado, USA

Starfire Energy is making sustainable energy a reality with modular systems that produce carbon-free ammonia. Unlike traditional Haber-Bosch designs, its process can accommodate being directly powered by intermittent energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydroelectricity, and can scale back to a zero capacity factor and rapidly scale right back to 100% or anywhere in between, allowing for the synthesis of 100% green ammonia.


Supercritical Solutions

United Kingdom

Supercritical has developed ultra-efficient electrolyser technology that negates the need for compressor systems for today’s largest markets. Its new class of electrolyser uses no rare earth metals, forever chemicals, or iridium, and has an all metal design with easy end-of-life recycling. And by operating at 99% Higher Heating Value (HHV) efficiency, the company delivers step change benefits in the levelised cost of hydrogen.

JOLT-DIS-_logo-blanco-05 (1).png

Jolt Solutions

Tarragona, Spain

JOLT is setting the next industry standard for electrodes. Its coating process is more durable (10+ years), more energy efficient, low cost, and easy to integrate using existing compounds. Compared to standard manufacture, which requires numerous coatings (8 hours each at >400°C), its process requires only 1 coating, which takes <1 minute at 180°C. The company aims to fully automate the identification, coating, and testing of next gen catalysts within the next decade. 


Naco Technologies

Riga, Latvia

Naco Technologies is empowering the green hydrogen revolution by providing specialised electrical stability, anti-corrosion, and catalyst nano-coatings for electrolysers and fuel cells. The company provides the full spectrum of services from solution development to delivery of coated components to analytics and quality control.

Go behind the scenes to meet the amazing founders of some of NET’s portfolio companies and find out why their work is so important to all of us via the video below.

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